April 13, 2009

Christ has risen! Let's eat some peeps.

Ruby & I went to Nonny's for Easter. Here she is with her great grand daughter!
at 6 months, Ruby weighs in at a whopping 17 lbs & when Nonny picked her up for the 1st time, she said, "Ruby! You are so fffffa.... heavy!" She was almost about to call my baby fat! We made fun of her about that all weekend. (for the record, she is fat & i'm proud of it- my boobie milk made her that way).
Mom couldn't get enough of her. Isn't this a sweet picture?
I've been strolling down this street for 30 years...

4 generations!
this was taken right before Kate almost fell off the swing and Ben lunged to catch her. In the process, he accidentally scratched her face with his fingernail & made her bleed. Way to make babies bleed, Uncle Ben. He claims that he saved her life. And Spooner reminded us (by phone) that scratches will heal, lives will not.
Kate & Ruby. Could I love them more? 
wouldja look at this face?! she is my sunshine!
bunny ears... always a good time.
that's just scary.

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