March 3, 2009

the love child at 5 months

Ruby's 5 months old. unbelievable.

She's grabbing EVERYTHING. Including my hair (that is still falling out- i'll prolly be bald soon). She constantly has strands of blonde hair in between her chubby fingers.

She's also grabbing everything and putting it in her mouth & slobbering on it. She'll even bend over & gum your arm to death. Cute! I'll encourage her to keep that up. Good way to make new friends.

And the moment I've been waiting for- she's laughing! Like, belly laughing. She's really into slapstick humor. She lost it (& probably peed her pants) over Frances & Ella jumping around & hitting themselves in the head. Sometimes she's ticklish but most of the time she'll just tense up & looked really pissed.

On a daily basis, my cheeks hurt from smiling at her so much.

She discovered her feet. She'll be sitting on my lap & just look down at her toes the whole time. Easy entertainment. This won't last long, i'm sure. 

And thank the Lord, she finally got the hang of breast feeding. hallelujah. I stuck with it & didn't give up & now she loves it so much she won't even take a bottle. I guess i can't have my cake & eat it too... But I'm really happy she's nursing. I'm getting more sleep this way. She still wakes up every 3 hours but I just get her out of her bassinet next to our bed & feed her lying down. I can sleep & feed. Sleep makes all the difference in the world. Keeps me from crying every day & eating brownies. (who am i kidding, i'm a sugar addict).

behold the cuteness:

she gets lots of smooches from daddy.
look, she's already tuning him out.
(and no, Zack didn't french a smurf- he's just enjoying a blue razzberry ring pop)
attractive! by the way, the hair that Ruby does have is dark & gets all curly when wet. 
happy little thing
so curious. she's going for the camera here.
i love her so much i want to eat her.

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caroline mcglade said...

Quit bragging about your nursing skills! :) She's is too, too cute. Love your family!


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