March 17, 2009

love, actually, is everywhere

well, they did it. those crazy kids went & tied the knot! yay! the wedding itself was super sweet complete with big genuine grins & a few heartfelt tears. I know they're just relieved to finally be married. I remember what that feels like. It's a whole new world to explore. It's really fun & totally enlightening. We were talking about the realities of marriage & how it should be included in the vows: "From this day forward, I will smell your poop & you will smell mine." How romantic.

It was wonderful being in Florida. First thing we did was go to the beach to watch the sunset with Beth & Derek. And then take pictures of their sweet mugs in front of it. (see above) It was a beautiful site. We stayed with Susan & Tim- who happen to be Beth's sister & Derek's brother- who are also married to each other. And Susan is super pregnant with twins, so we had all that baby stuff to talk about. Plus, she was a nanny for many years, so we swapped stories of the kids we have loved & all the butts we have wiped.

It wasn't so wonderful getting to Florida. I hoped for the best traveling with a 5 month old & overall, she did really well. There was only a couple of times where I prayed to Jesus fervently to calm the child down. Nothing a little lift out of the car seat & slurpee break at a 7-11 couldn't fix.

here's a road trip recap for ya:
  • Zack & I passed the time by playing games (that i made up) like, "Lightening Judgement!" (I say the name of a person & you give me a one word first instinct judgement on them) & "Hypothetical Fight Club!" (Take turns hypothetically pairing two people against each other in a fist fight. Who would win? Why? Would they use props?). That one is really fun to pin husband & wife against each other. Zack really enjoyed this. Apparently, he already has a scale in his head that rates the toughness of the men he knows. Oh, the testosterone. Note: it's best to play these games with someone who won't judge you for being judgmental. 
  • Some of the billboards on 95 have interesting combinations posted. For example: "Peanut Brittle & Fireworks Bonanza!" or "Girls! Girls! Girls! We Bare ALL! & Steak Buffet!" How enticing, right? gross. Who wants to watch THAT while scarfing down a Tbone? gross (or awesome, depends on who you ask).
  • Ruby started teething (oh joy!) & had her first little fussy teething fit at Outback. No fun. Nothing was making her happy. I finally ordered a shot of whiskey. The gracious waiter kindly brought me a double, in a martini glass. I rubbed some on her gums to see if it would help. It didn't. She just cringed. So i downed it. Real classy. It helped me deal with it for about 10 minutes. And then i just wanted another...
  • Our sweet darling daughter had 2 major crap blow outs. The 1st one was right as we hit the Disneyworld exits. Zack was in the back seat entertaining her & proceeded to give me a commentary on the situation: "Oh no. She's shitting. Uh oh. It's coming out. It's bubbling! Aaaaah! Where are the wipes?!" And my response- uncontrollable laughter. The 2nd was at the wedding during the prayer. Heads were bowed, eyes closed, the bride & groom were on the altar, holding hands. The room was filled with love. And my sweet baby lets out an audible (breast fed baby mess) "ferrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt" along with a few baby grunts. Our response: uncontrollable, silent, dangit-I'm-in-a-church laughter. I had hoped that Beth & Derek were oblivious to it. Not so much. Way to go, Ruby. That's my girl.
  • i took a handful of pictures & if you're on facebook, you've probably seen them anyway. It's safe to say my favorite subject is my sweet baby. What can I say, I'm in love.


Laura said...

My friends was attending a funeral with her little baby in tow and during prayer she chose to take an earth shattering crap. How irreverent.

Anonymous said...

I would win all fights, Dwight Schrute style.


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