March 30, 2009


first of all, let me say i'm sorry for the stupid Perfect Strap commercial that automatically plays when you visit my blog. It's annoying, i know. I might change that to a link & not the actual video. 

 When Zack is on the road (which has been often) I am typically at home with the babe, & left to self entertainment. I had my own photo shoot with Photobooth & enjoyed the option of seeing myself so I could eliminate my double chin before i took the picture. I don't usually like pictures of myself. But I'm lovin' the way this "colored pencil" feature looks.

other things:
  • are you twittering? do you tweet? have you twatted? i initially thought it was obnoxious but i might be getting sucked in... 
  • our tv died. have no fear, my Dad is letting us borrow his new 32" flat screen until he needs it again, which could be awhile. fun for us!
  • Ruby has discovered her vocal chords. I mean, she is seriously squealing LOUDLY. Which starts out being cute & ends up grating my nerves. Oh, the pros & cons of every new month of development!
  • Motherhood is kind of like being on-call, ALL THE TIME. It's also the same feeling you get when you have a paper due or homework that isn't done. That deep gut sensation that hangs over your head. Like, "oh, man I have something to do." Just as soon as she is down for a nap, you sit down to do something, and she's awake again, needing you. This sounds so negative. It is in a way because it means sacrifice. It means you deny yourself on a daily basis. It means a lot less freedom. I sound like I'm complaining, and maybe I am a little. But that's just the way it is. Not that I would change it. Being a mother is also the most enlightening & joyous thing i have ever experienced. It's amazing & it's tough. I feel like I am personally going through the actions of John 15. Being pruned, becoming more fruitful, remaining in Him. 
  • I am way excited about Spring, along with everyone else. I'm looking forward to being outside, swinging Ruby in the big tree out front (once i fetch the swing from Leslie), dressing her in those cute flowered-y dresses that show off her chubby thighs, walking to the Bakery, breathing in some much needed warmth, light, & air. I'm done with hibernating.
  • I'm participating in a small home show tomorrow night. I have made a few things, some small canvasses, some painted onesies, magnets.  I don't personally know most of the other women that will be there but I'm excited about meeting them & seeing their stuff. Ellen Troyer will be there with her super cute Sundance inspired jewelry. You should come if you have some time to stop by! It's in West Asheville at 146 Estelle Park Drive, 28806. Mapquest it. It's easy to find. Starts at 7:00!

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Joanna Bolick said...

Oooh, what fun (home show.) I can't get the address to come up in mapquest or google maps, though. What's it by?


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