February 11, 2009

cute overload

when i was little, my grandmother, who we call Nonny, made my sister Kelly & I rag dolls that looked like us. I named mine Chara (sounds like Chair-uh)- i remember thinking it was the most beautiful name ever. (I was probably on a sugar high from sneaking into the pantry to drink pancake syrup.) I also had another rag doll that i got at a fair. I named her Pinky because that was my favorite color. Of course. They went everywhere with me & endured sand boxes & make up & hair cuts. I didn't have a Cabbage Patch Kid & I only had one Barbie. I thought I was deprived at the time but only because Angela & Heather had every new plastic thing under the sun. And they thought they were so cool. Nonny even made us handmade dresses & play outfits for our dolls. And wooden, handpainted beds & cradles & pillows with real pillow cases & dust ruffles & comforters- the works. I feel so privileged now to have had such thoughtful & creative grandparents. I think it sparked my love for handmade fabric cutesy things.

here's the well-loved Chara & Pinky

i got these smiling stuffed produce at The Littlest Birds in West Asheville.
this cow was a Christmas gift from my Dad.

and these are some cuties that i spotted on etsy.com

super cute!

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Anonymous said...

Ginger and Becky say hello to your dolls!


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