January 28, 2009

wha?! wha?!?! WHAT?!?!

I had one of those moments last week. Like when you realize that oh! your teacher has a life outside your classroom, or oh my! not all policemen are honest, or oh goodness! sometimes priests say shit or that the popular girl has her own insecurities. People are human & sometimes your very own family will persecute you. I don't know why I was so surprised by this.

I don't know how many of you saw the verbal "exchange" on my facebook wall with my cousins last week... it was pretty brutal. I'm tempted to copy & paste the whole thing on here but what good would that do? At first, I was livid that they would make such  extreme religious accusations. It's one thing to disagree politically but another to make personal attacks or claims that "YOU WILL STAND BEFORE GOD ONE DAY WITH THE BLOOD OF ABORTED BABIES ON YOUR HANDS AND ANSWER TO HIM. How sad. Repent."

I mean, i knew they were zealous but I did not think they would go to this extreme. They even brought my dead grandfather into it, saying that he would weep if he knew that his grandchildren had voted for Obama. Yes, it was that bad.

Typically I would want to respond with my finger pointing right back at em (and i had a running list of catty remarks that i just sent to my sister for her amusement) but I knew it would be pointless. It would just give them more fuel for their fire. I just couldn't believe how self righteous & nasty they were being. I just wonder where all this frenzied religious emotion stems from. The last time I checked the fruit of the spirit within us is not anger, malice, slander, condemnation, or self righteousness. 

All I said was that I was hopeful. That's what started it all. HOPEFUL. 
and then i quoted Anne Lamott, "It's safe to assume that you have created God in your own image when God hates all the same people that you do." - which I thought was appropriate.

Anyways, it was ridiculous & awful. I feel like I need to love them though. But i don't know how to do that in this situation. I don't know what to say. Good thing we don't live in the same town. Then I would really be challenged with choosing to love. I don't feel angry, just hurt & confused that they would have the capacity to speak such ugly words in the name of Christ. 

It reminded me of Hilary Faye in the movie Saved!- which is totally irreverent & sometimes horrible but at the same time, eye opening to the stereotypical "Christian" who throws her bible at you. Because that's exactly what Jesus would do, right? 

I responded to the gospel because someone loved me, because i was shown grace in spite of my imperfections, because I was humbled by His presence... not from someone pointing a haughty finger at me or from fear. 

I'm never as articulate as I want to be. I hope my words portray His greatest commandment.

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The Metcalf's said...

ROBIN! long story short....i found you on here through my new friend from church (erin shelton:). i had tried finding you earlier but erin told me your married name, and made the search much easier! found your blog today, and loved this entry. brent works at a church and we have cringed at the horrible remarks people have made to other members over voting for obama! sorry you were attacked. congrats on your baby! hope to run into you soon!
amanda metcalf


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