January 18, 2009

so we meet again...

i've been messing around with blogger to see if i like it better thank xanga... so far it's winning!

i made a goal of taking more pictures of Ruby & I, since most of the time, I am the one behind the camera, taking pictures of the cherubic child & her studly father.

& of course i couldn't resist making us into macbook mutants


rawbin said...

ooh look! first comment!

don't be shy- i know some of you have held back cause you couldn't figure out how to leave one on xanga.


Kerri Roberts said...

FINALLY you have joined a normal,user-friendly blogalicious site! Here go yo comment...where go my shout out??

Lizzie said...

Okay, so:
1. You and your child are GORGEOUS.
2. I confess that I have been stalking you via your blog and still can't wait to get back to Asheville.
3. WELCOME TO BLOGGER! So much better, you'll see!

Our life.... said...

This is Joy - Miriam and Sarah's Joy ;) Anyway, I too stalk your blog but couldn't ever figure out how to comment. duh. anyway, your little Ruby is adorable, just precious. Miriam and Sarah keep me up to date on you ;) What's your email and I will send you our blog link.
Hope to meet up more in the blog world ;) ha. how lame does that sound?
joy ;)

rawbin said...

Joy! I've tried to look at your blog & your stupid moderator block won't let me! :) I, too, ask Sarah & Miriam about you & your new baby! I wanna see your blog! add me!!! robinplemmons@gmail.com


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