January 30, 2009

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We went on a couples retreat last weekend. It was friggin awesome. Buddy & Kathie brought us together & loved on us. They do that well. I was so excited about being around some of my favorite people (the Offners even flew in from stupid Arizona), eating Kathie's food (which is like comfort food on crack), worshiping together (led by Steve Moldrup & Ryan Long), exploring my super cute husband (his brain, y'all not his body- okay maybe his body too- it IS a wonderland), & taking a look at ourselves through His eyes.

Needless to say, it was a fruitful & rich time. Loved every second. Except for those seconds when Ruby crapped out the back of her diaper (again) or when I accidentally dropped my phone on her poor little baby head (i'm still apologizing to this day, like she understands).

Buddy asked us this question: "What is our biggest need?" My first inclination was of course, to be loved. He said that we ARE loved, fully by Christ. His love is given to us in abundance. Our biggest need is TO love.

It reminded me of something he said at Beth & Chris Maslin's wedding that has stuck with me. It went something like this (& i'm paraphrasing not so much verbatim):
"I've got good news & bad news about marriage. The bad news is that marriage is lonely & it's painful. The good news is that marriage is lonely & it's painful. For if marriage were the end all, be all of life, we would not need Christ."

Another reminder that my spouse does not complete me. That Zack is not responsible for my well being. That being married does not automatically make my life.

anyways... we laughed a LOT (especially when Natalie rapped for us) & cried humble tears (Zack sobbed during communion & tried to hide himself behind my head- he's so presh).

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Buddy & Kathie. Thank you for letting God use you. I love you two so so much. (i hope you're enjoying your Sunday readings!)

and since i lost my camera for most of the weekend, i only have a few photos & consequently, have stolen some from my friends:

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